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An 84-page, full-color zine created in collaboration with award-winning photographer Liam Kennedy. Locating Troubles includes six short stories by Warren Stoddard II that are either out of print or previously unpublished, revolving around the war in Ukraine, life on the road, and the interconnectedness between man and place, as well as over fifty images shot across the breadth of Kennedy’s career as a photojournalist, from the road to natural disasters to war.



Stories: “Fear,” a piece of fiction about life under Russian bombardment in Ukraine. “An Heirloom Forgotten,” a piece of fiction about the innerconectedness between generations and the items they inherit. “Sunset on the Mountainside,” a piece of fiction about life on the road in Colorado. "Foothills," an essay of nonfiction examining the wars in Kurdistan and Ukraine and motorcycles in Birmingham and Texas through the lens of the mountains crossed to reach these places. "Unencountered," a piece of nonfiction about the nature of love. And "The Story of Joshua Campbell," a piece of fiction based on the lives of Finbar Cafferkey, Dan Burke, and Sam Newey, who were each killed in Ukraine in 2023.

Locating Troubles 2

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