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Selected Short Stories

When This Plane Lands

As All Wars Do

"heroes fallen as Achilles fell shot through not the head or the heart but the ankle—not a life-preserving organ, but that in the extremities, that which moves you along, that which propels you forward—and unable to move forward and so trapped in the war, you die, you die, and you die"

 "Some were quiet. Others screamed in agony, writhing around violently, the tendons of severed limbs flapping about with gravity like pennants in the wind. The blood was dark. And they came. And they went, trio after trio. Some were maimed for life. Others, like me, would walk again and return to action or return to peace, but there was none among our number who would not be marred by that room every bit as much as we were marred by the battlefield forty miles south."


"Around the tattered stadium, uniformed Arabs and Kurds and Syriacs and white-skinned foreign volunteers took selfies with their smart phones, fired celebratory bursts of automatic rifle fire into the air, and posed for group photos with their loot – black ISIS flags, gold coins, swords stained pink in their grooves, antiquated bolt-action and black powder rifles engraved in Arabic.

“I’ve got to get me one of those,” Hîwa said."



Born and raised in the Hill Country of Central Texas, Warren Stoddard II attended Texas State University and received a BA in English. Following his graduation in 2018, he travelled to Syria to fight as a member of the Kurdish YPG in the war against the Islamic State. He was later wounded in action liberating the city of Ash Sha'fah from ISIS control. He now lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

His short work has been featured in DicE Magazine, Into the Void, The Barely South Review, Persona Literary Magazine, and numerous other publications around the globe. His short story "The Way of the World" was the winner of the 2018 Gates-Thomas Prize for Fiction.



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